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Bike Shows have been a part of Motorcycle Rallys & Events for decades.   Classes in shows and motorcycles are always changing.   Register at Show at the Car / Bike Show Registration Tent

Bike Show Classes will be Posted with Each Event

Announced with Each Show

Announced with Each Show


Showing Your Motorcycle
Getting bragging rights by participating in a motorcycle show can be a fun way to spend the day. Knowing all of the details of how a motorcycle show works often helps your chances of actually winning one of these coveted trophies.   It is simply a matter of knowing how to present both your motorcycle and yourself.

Prepare your motorcycle to be shown.  It is a good idea to wash, polish and shine everything on your bike you can get to.   If you plan on riding the motorcycle to the show, clean your bike before you go, and then do a good wipe down once you get there.

Be aware of all of the class designations that the motorcycle show is offering. Some are classed by year, make, and model, custom or stock.

Arrive early.  The quicker your motorcycle is on display, the more people get to look at it.  Have everything ready to fill out your entry form to enter your motorcycle.

Set your motorcycle up in a nice display along with any trophies from past shows or photos you have to show.   Do not encroach on the other motorcycle’s space by spreading your stuff all over. Be courteous.

Stay with your motorcycle as much as possible. People like to look and ask questions about the motorcycles on display.


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